5th Conference in Venice

5th International Conference on


Ateneo Veneto
Venice, ITALY
June 4 - 8, 1989

Antonio Casellati - Mayor, City of Venice I join the conference organizers in inviting you to participate in the 5th International Making Cities Livable Conference, to be held in Venice, July 4-8, 1989.

Architects, city planners, urban designers, public officials and others can draw much inspiration from Venice’s incomparable organization of community open spaces, its rich texture, pedestrian and public transportation network, quality of everyday social life, and abundance of cultural events and celebrations.

Venice is perhaps the most beautiful city in the world, and still one of its most livable. The reason Venice is so beautiful and so livable is because it was created wisely, and as a profound synthesis of three elements: nature, human work and thought, and social life. Destroy this synthesis and you will destroy Venice; take this synthesis as your model and you will make all cities of the world finer places to live and work.

Venice does not testify to the vision of any one individual or to the power of a single idea. It is a testament to the creative and decorative impulses of every person who ever lived there. It is most fitting that a conference concerned wth the livability of our cities, both historic and modern, should take place in Venice. I look forward to meeting you in Venice this July.

Antonio Casellati
Mayor, City of Venice

Plenary and Panel Sessions


Special Events

  • Reception with Mayor Antonio Casellati, Ca' Farsetti (City Hall)
  • Teatro a l'Avogaria - Commedia dell'Arte
  • Tour of the European Centre for Training Craftsmen in the Conservation of the Architectural Heritage, Isola San Servolo