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The Sentinel (Governor Hotel)

Portland, OR
June 8-12, 2014

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Dear Friends,                                                             

On behalf of the residents of the City of Portland, welcome!

The Rose City is honored and delighted to welcome participants to the 51st IMCL Conference—Making Cities Healthy for All, June 8-12, 2014.

At this conference, you will have the opportunity to work with some of the leading urban designers, planners and public officials from North America and Europe, who will share their vision and experience on how to make cities healthier for everyone, including children and elders, the homeless, the poor and those in underserved neighborhoods. Additionally, we in Portland are excited about this opportunity to share ideas that have proved successful in this city, and to learn from you about how we can improve the beauty, health and livability of our own city.

In Portland, we have paid great attention to creating a hospitable public realm – parks, squares and wide sidewalks – because these places generate sociability and health for all. We have created a network of streetcars, buses and light rail, so that everyone – not only those with cars - can get around the city in a sociable manner. With the help of the growth boundary, we have focused development in all our neighborhoods instead of at the outer periphery, enabling us to create dense, human scale, walkable 10-minute communities.

For those of you visiting from out of town, we hope you enjoy the Rose City’s numerous attractions.  Whether you visit our Waterfront Park or enjoy shopping downtown, dine at one of hundreds of restaurants in our Pearl District or just take in the views of Mt. Hood from Portland’s Rose Garden, we are sure you will find your visit an unforgettable and enjoyable experience.

Again, on behalf of the beautiful City of Portland, Oregon – welcome and best wishes for a successful conference.


Charlie Hales

On behalf of the people of the Portland metropolitan region, I am pleased to welcome you to the 51st International Making Cities Livable Conference on Making Cities Healthy for All.  As the agency responsible for planning in an area encompassing 25 cities and three counties, Metro has long been involved with this issue.

We are proud of our region’s history, natural environment and the deliberate choices we have made to keep our region one of the most healthy and livable in the country. By focusing development within an urban boundary, investing in public transit, bike routes and trails, transit-oriented mixed-use development and nature in communities, Metro has achieved some success in strengthening our town centers and preventing sprawl. We will be pleased to share what we have learned in this deliberative process.

We still have problems to solve, and we look forward to the conference dialogue and to learning from other cities and regions around the world that have also developed techniques and strategies for more equitable and healthy communities.               

While you’re here, I hope you will take the opportunity to enjoy the magnificent natural attractions and rich cultural and culinary opportunities across the Portland region.

Thanks again for visiting – have a great conference!

Tom Hughes
Metro Council President

Suzanne H. Crowhurst Lennard

Dear Colleagues:

Join us in Portland to share your knowledge, tools and strategies for creating healthy environments for ALL.

We have made great strides in combatting obesity by improving the walkability of our cities and suburbs, but there is still much to be done. At this conference, we will examine the best and most cost effective strategies and design solutions to improve health and well-being for all.

We will hear from world-renowned experts, and review exciting projects from North America and Europe. We will look at beautiful street designs; sociable mixed-use neighborhood centers; healthy urban fabric; public transit; affordable workforce housing near jobs; community gardens and parks; housing for the homeless; micro-offices and food carts; urban acupuncture; community initiatives; and much more.

We all know, now is the time to adopt equitable planning, architecture and urban design priorities, especially for the more vulnerable. Your participation in this process is essential. Let's do it!

Suzanne H. Crowhurst Lennard, Ph.D.(Arch.)

Director, IMCL Council


You will want to plan a few days before or after the conference to visit Portland, the American city we feel most exemplifies IMCL principles.

Hotel Accommodations

The Sentinel (Governor Hotel)

The Conference will take place at the Sentinel (Governor Hotel), at 614 SW 11th Avenue. The hotel consists of two fine historic buildings, one of which, with its magnificent renaissance style ballrooms and meeting rooms, was originally built for the Elks Club. The hotel is downtown, at the crossing point of the MAX light rail line from the airport and the streetcar lines.

Please email reservations or call 503-224-3400 and ask for “group reservations”. Please mention that you are with the “51st International Making Cities Livable Conference” to receive the conference rates. Reservations should be made before May 9 to receive the group rate. Reservations must be made through the hotel directly if you wish to extend your stay before or after the conference. For special assistance, call 503-419-1620 to speak to Sales Coordinator, Kate Rose, or email Kate.rose@provenancehotels.com.

Please note that online reservations through a unique URL link can only be made for June 8-12, 2014. Anyone who wishes to stay outside of those dates will need to call the reservations department directly to extend their stay. Since the hotel is not holding rooms on the shoulder nights, the system will not allow for any reservations to be booked online over any additional nights.

Arriving in Portland

If you fly to Portland International Airport (PDX) you can catch the MAX light rail, which runs every 15-20 minutes. The MAX station and ticket machines (fare $2.50) are located near baggage claim on the lower level. In 40 minutes, MAX will take you to within one block of the Governor Hotel (Galleria/SW 10th). The last train departs PDX at 11:49 p.m., daily. A taxi will take about 25 minutes (fare approx.. $38).