46th Conference in Santa Fe

46th International
Making Cities Livable Conference on


& Exhibit of


Organized with the
University of Notre Dame School of Architecture

La Fonda Hotel on the Plaza
Santa Fe, NM
June 1-5, 2008


The City of Santa Fe welcomes the 46th International Making Cities Livable Conference on True Urbanism: Designing the Healthy City in June 2008.

Santa Fe is America’s oldest capital city. Santa Fe’s natural beauty and resources have attracted people for centuries and the various cultures which have resided here have considered it to be an integral part of their identity. As such, we understand that we must be on the forefront of alternative and sustainable approaches to life in order to maintain a healthy, liveable city for centuries to come.

Santa Fe has been a national leader in the Living Wage movement and affordable housing. We have also worked hard to protect Santa Fe’s delicate environment by implementing smart growth policies that link water and growth, developing successful water conservation initiatives, supporting local conservation design businesses, promoting alternative transportation and supporting the US Conference of Mayors agenda regarding climate change.

Creativity and inspiration are part of Santa Fe’s identity – from architecture and design, to world-class dining and galleries, to views of serene mountains and endless skies. I hope that Santa Fe serves as an inspiring place for your conference and your commitment to building healthy, liveable communities.


David Coss

Invited Speakers & Presenters (partial list)

  • Peter Benson, President, Search Institute, Minneapolis, MN
  • Perry Bigelow, Founder, Bigelow Homes, 2005 Builder of the Year, Aurora, IL
  • Chris Calvert, Council Member, City of Santa Fe, NM
  • David Cloutier, Poet, Santa Fe, NM
  • Mayor David Coss, Santa Fe, NM
  • Carmichael Dominguez, Council Member, City of Santa Fe, NM
  • Gail Goldberg, Planning Director, Los Angeles, CA
  • Mayor Darwin Hindman, Columbia, MO
  • Roger Horton, Council Member, Santa Barbara, CA
  • Prof. Richard Jackson, MD, MPH, Pediatrician, Professor of Environmental Health & City & Regional Planning, UC Berkeley, CA. Former Environmental Health Director at CDC, Atlanta.
  • Gil Kelley, Planning Director, Portland, OR
  • Tom Maguire, Culture, Arts & Tourism Planner, Santa Fe, NM
  • David L. Mayfield, President, National Town Builders Association, Concord, NC
  • Larry Meredith, Director, Marin County Dept. of Health & Human Services, San Rafael, CA
  • Matthew Ortiz, Council Member, City of Santa Fe, NM
  • Dean Edoardo Salzano, Urban Planning, Venice University, ITALY
  • Governor Dr. Sven von Ungern-Sternberg, Freiburg, GERMANY

Special Santa Fe program:

  • Sustainability Measures:
    Adopting aggressive green building standards. Promoting alternative transportation. Creating commuter rail connections for Albuquerque residents. Supporting Kyoto protocols. City-wide trails & parks. Water conservation initiatives.
  • Making Santa Fe Child-Friendly:
    Healthy Lifestyles resolution and task force. Child-Friendly City Initiative.
  • Creative Community-based Development Strategies:
    The Living Wage Ordinance. Affordable Housing (30% within city). Supporting independent artists, water conservation and green businesses, youth initiatives & job development programs. Santa Fe Design Week. Arts & cultural economic development. The "City Different". Diversity of creative talent, music & dance, folk art & design, contemporary art, literature, new media. Community Youth Mural Program. Cultivating a unique multi-cultural community. Spanish Market; Folk Art; Zozobra; Fiesta; Indian Pueblo Festivals.

FILM: Where Do the Children Play?

Preview screening of new CBS documentary and discussion by film maker Elizabeth Goodenough.

EXHIBIT: New Designs for Mixed-Use Urban Fabric

Including masterplans, urban neighborhood plans and individual buildings, presented by cities, developers, planning & architecture firms:

  • Mixed-use in new Greenfield/Brownfield neighborhoods
  • Transit-based new mixed-use development
  • Redesign of suburban malls & strip malls as mixed-use.
  • Restored historic mixed-use & new infill

Awards will be made at the Discussion Dinner/Awards Ceremony for outstanding projects.

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Presentation topics include:

  • Principles of true urbanism
    Public realm. Multifunctional urban places. Human scale architecture. Regional character. Mixed use shop/houses. Compact urban fabric. Cellular city structure. Farmers' markets & community festivals. Balanced transportation. Controlled regional plan. Ecological & social sustainability. A city that is healthy for children & youth.
  • Designing the healthy city
    Mixed-use cellular structure to achieve the "City of short distances". Planning for commuting by foot & bike. Streetscape design to support walking & social life. Designing town squares for social life. Regional planning for the healthy city.
  • Ecological & social sustainability.
    Principles of urban sustainability. Ecological transportation. Green buildings. Healthy community for social sustainability. Compatibility of social & ecological goals. Teaching sustainable urban design.
  • Health impacts of the built environment.
    Walking, obesity & chronic illness. Connections between social life, community & health. Optimal environments for social development. Suburban sprawl, lack of community & social pathology. Social life & sense of well-being. Healthy environments for children & the elderly. Healing environments & the role of nature.
  • Child-friendly neighborhoods and cities
    Safe routes to school. Bike and pedestrian networks. Traffic calmed streets. Acessibility to nature & lively public places. "Eyes on the Street". The city as playground. Developing Guidelines for Child-friendly Neighborhoods & Cities.
  • Sustainable development models
    New achievements in urban transit. Reviving mixed use downtown. True urban developments. Village style development. Infill vs. greenfield. Case studies & exhibits.
  • Growth management issues
    County & regional planning. Containing suburban sprawl. Single-function zoning & sprawl. Densification & infill. Problems of re-zoning & takings. Land pooling. Regional planning politics.
  • Traditional town planning & civic values
    Street, square and block. Location & significance of civic buildings. Hierarchy of building types. Central places & civic awareness. Respecting local identity. Classical architecture yesterday & today. Case studies.
  • Transforming commuter suburbs into mixed use urban neighborhood
    Creating neighborhood centers around public transit hubs. New designs for mixed use urban fabric. Transforming suburban malls into neighborhood centers.
  • Building Community
    Community participation in architecture & planning. Child- & family-friendly urban planning. Integrating social diversity through urban planning. Innovative programs for economic development.
  • Innovative teaching models
    Urban planning for healthy communities. Teaching the connections: public health & the built environment. Teaching urban sustainability.
  • Legal tools for achieving healthy cities
    Zoning & mixed-use. Overcoming obstacles to growth management. Individual development rights & the common good. Controlling big box retail. Accessibility rights of children & the elderly. Public space & the common good.
  • The urban square and spirit of democracy
    The built environment & civic engagement. Social life, dialogue & political awareness. From agora to marketplace. Reviving America’s town squares. Community festivals on the square. The farmers' market: catalyst for democratic dialogue. Successful squares for social life & community.
  • Contextual architecture
    Reflecting regional character & historic heritage. Restoring historic mixed-use. New infill mixed-use in historic contexts. Santa Fe adobe.