45th Conference in Portland

45th International
Making Cities Livable Conference on


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Co-Sponsors: City of Portland, Portland Metro Council, University of Oregon.

The Governor Hotel
Portland, OR
June 10-14, 2007

Portland Mayor Tom Potter The City of Portland is proud to extend a warm welcome to the 45th International Making Cities Livable Conference on True Urbanism: Designing for Social and Physical Health, to be held in Portland, June 10 – 14, 2007.

I believe you will find that Portland is an extraordinary city that combines vibrant urban spaces with the beauty of natural places. Portlanders are justifiably proud of their reputation for innovative urban design, green buildings and extraordinary parks and open spaces. I hope you will take the opportunity to tour our dynamic downtown and livable neighborhoods. An abundance of fine restaurants, art galleries and shops, a beautiful network of parks, squares and public art await you and will help explain why Portland is called “America’s Best Big City”. The entire city is easily accessible via light rail, streetcar, pedestrian routes, bikeways, and the soon-to-be-completed aerial tram.

I look forward to sharing Portland with you and your conference, and hope you will honor us with a return visit in the near future. We look forward to sharing ideas with you, and learning from your expertise and commitment to building excellent communities.

Tom Potter

Metro President David BragdonOn behalf of my colleagues at the Metro Council, I am pleased to welcome you to the Portland metropolitan region.

Comprising 25 cities, our region is known for its livability and smart planning. The Metro Council, responsible for land-use and transportation planning, regional facilities and parks, is committed to a thriving region that invests in community and quality of life. From curbing sprawl to protecting natural areas, we believe that the best way to plan for our future is to create it.

I hope you will enjoy the range of amenities offered by Portland, our region's vital core, and the surrounding cities and town centers. While there's a lot to be proud of in our region, we have challenges ahead. Just as you are here to study our example, I look forward to gaining my own fresh perspectives from your visit here.

David Bragdon
Metro President

Invited Speakers

  • Congressman Earl Blumenauer, 3rd District Oregon.
  • David Bragdon, Metro President, Portland, OR
  • Prof. Richard Jackson, MD, MPH, Paediatrician, Professor of Environmental Health & City & Regional Planning, UC Berkeley, CA. Former Environmental Health Director at CDC, Atlanta.
  • Gil Kelley, Planning Director, Portland, OR
  • Robert Liberty, Metro Councilor, Portland, OR
  • Mayor Tom Potter, Portland, OR
  • Commissioner Dan Saltzman, Portland, OR
  • Governor Dr. Sven von Ungern-Sternberg, Der Regierungspräsident (Governor), Süd-Baden, & Former First Mayor for the City of Freiburg, Freiburg, GERMANY.

Speakers and Presenters

  • Edgar Adams, Associate Professor, School of Architecture, Art & Historic Preservation, Roger Williams University, Bristol, RI.
  • Dr. John Allinson, Senior Lecturer in Town and Country Planning, Faculty of the Built Environment, University of the West of England, Bristol, UK.
  • Nabila Bachiri, PhD Candidate, Interdisciplinary Research Group on Suburbs, Ecole d’architecture, Université Laval, Quebec City, CANADA.
  • Christine Bae, Associate Professor, Department of Urban Design and Planning, University of Washington, Seattle, WA.
  • Kasia Barelkowska, M. Arch., B. Arch., Poznan University of Technology, Poznan, POLAND.
  • Robert Barelkowski, Ph. D., M. Arch., B. Arch., Polish Academy of Sciences (PAN), Poznan University of Technology, Poznan, POLAND.
  • David Barth, Principal, Glatting Jackson, West Palm Beach, FL.
  • Keith Bartholomew, Assistant Professor, Urban Planning Program, College of Architecture + Planning, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT.
  • William J. Batson Jr.,  Coordinator, Architectural Technology, Bluegrass Community and Technical College & Assistant Professor, College of Design, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY.
  • Monica Beemer, Executive Director, Sisters of the Road, Portland, OR.
  • Karin Berg, PhD-candidate, Research School of Architecture, Chalmers University of Technology, Göteborg, SWEDEN.
  • Vinayak Bharne, Associate, Torti Gallas & Partners, Pasadena, CA.
  • Barbara Buchanan, B.L.Arch., PhD candidate University of New South Wales, AUSTRALIA.
  • Colin Burgett, AICP, Senior Transportation Planner, Fehr & Peers, San Francisco, CA.
  • William Carswell, Associate Professor, University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS.
  • Josh Cerra, Environmental Designer & Biologist, David Evans & Associates, Inc.
  • Dr. Janet Cherrington, Associate Professor, Urban and Regional Studies Institute, Minnesota State University, Mankato, MN.
  • Su Chong Chuang, Assistant Professor, Toko University, TAIWAN.
  • Ulker Copur, Ph.D., Professor of Architecture, Roger Williams University, School of Architecture, Art and Historic Preservation, Bristol, RI.
  • Linda B. Crider, Ph. D., Department of Urban and Regional Planning, College of Design, Construction and Planning, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL
  • Gavin Davidson, Senior Planner, Roads & Infrastructure Planning, Translink, Burnaby, BC, CANADA.
  • Julianna Delgado, M.Arch, PhD (Arch.), AICP, Transportation Commissioner & Design Commissioner, City of Pasadena, & Assistant Professor, Dept of Urban and Regional Planning, Cal State Polytechnic University, Pomona,  Pomona CA.
  • Dickson D. Despommier, Ph.D., Professor of Public Health & Microbiology, Department of Environmental Health Sciences and Microbiology, Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia University, New York, NY.
  • Phil Enquist, Planning Partner, Skidmore Owings & Merrill, Chicago, IL.
  • Eren Erdener, Ph.D., Professor, College of Architecture, The University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK.
  • William J. Fasano, Jr. Instructor, Urban and Metropolitan Studies Program, School of Public Affairs, Arizona State University, Phoenix, AZ.
  • Beth Frazier, Graduate student, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ.
  • Phil Goff, Senior Urban Designer, Goody Clancy, Boston, MA.
  • Brad Graham, Assist Deputy Minister, Partnerships and Consultation Branch, Ontario Growth Secretariat, Ministry of Public Infrastructure Renewal, Toronto, ON, CANADA.
  • Doris Gstach, Ph.D., Department of Urban Open Space Planning, Faculty of Architecture, Urban Planning & Landscape Planning, Kassel University, Kassel, GERMANY.
  • Bertrand Guidon,  Director of Communication, City of Rennes, FRANCE.
  • Miriam Gusevich, Associate Professor, School of Architecture and Planning, Catholic University of America, Washington, DC.
  • Carl S. Hacker, Ph.D., JD, Associate Professor of Ecology and of Public Health Law, Division of Management, Policy and Community Health, School of Public Health, University of Texas Health Science Center, Houston, TX.
  • Robert Hastings, AIA, Project Architect/Urban Designer, Capital Projects & Facilities Division, TriMet, Portland, OR.
  • Tim Hemsath, AIA, LEED AP, NCARB, Visiting Lecturer, College of Architecture, University of Nebraska – Lincoln, NE.
  • Susan Hobley, B.Sc. BioDesign & Associates Pty Ltd. Balmain NSW, AUSTRALIA.
  • Mike Houck, Director, Urban Greenspaces Institute, Department of Geography, Center for Spatial Analysis and Research, Portland State University, Portland, OR.
  • Edward Huang, Ph.D., AICP, Senior Planner, Downtown Region, Community Redevelopment Agency, City of Los Angeles, CA.
  • N. Jane Hurt, Ph.D., Associate Professor, School of Architecture, Clemson University, Clemson, SC.
  • Ali Jeevanjee, LOC, Llc, Los Angeles, CA.
  • Ferdinand S. Johns, Architect, AIA, NCARB, Professor of Architecture, Montana State University, Bozeman, MT, USA
  • Adam Jonas, Intern Architect, BKV Group, Minneapolis, MN.
  • Mayor Vera Katz, Former Mayor, City of Portland, OR.
  • Sean Keithly, Department of Urban Design and Planning, University of Washington, Seattle, WA.
  • Douglas S. Kelbaugh FAIA, Professor and Dean, Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI.
  • Eun Jung Kim, Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Landscape Architecture & Urban Planning, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX.
  • Brigitte L. Knowles, Professor, Associate Director, Tyler School of Art, Architecture, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA.
  • Claudia A. Kozinetz, Ph.D., M.P.H., Associate Professor, Department of Pediatrics, Baylor College of Medicine, Epidemiology Center, Houston, TX.
  • David Kuehn, AICP, Community Planner, Federal Highway Administration Office of Planning, Washington DC.
  • Dr Kisho Kurokawa, President, Kisho Kurokawa Architects & Associates, Tokyo, JAPAN.
  • Hannah Burton Laurison, Public Health Law Program, Public Health Institute, Oakland, CA.
  • Hong Leng, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Associate Director of Urban Planning Department, School of Architecture, Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin, CHINA.
  • Suzanne H. Crowhurst Lennard Ph.D.(Arch.), Director, International Making Cities Livable Conferences, Carmel, CA.
  • Mimi Locher, Assistant Professor, Architecture Program, College of Architecture + Planning, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT
  • Russ Lopez, Assistant Professor, Department of Environmental Health, BU School of Public Health, Boston MA.
  • Zhipeng Lu, Center for Health Systems and Design, College of Architecture, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX.
  • Lamine Mahdjoubi Ph.D. Professor, Faculty of the Built Environment, University of the West of England, Bristol, UK.
  • Thomas Martineau, Professor of Architecture, Florida A & M University, Tallahassee, FL, USA.
  • Sherry McKibben, McKibben + Cooper Architects Urban Design, & Director of the University of Idaho's Idaho Urban Research and Design Center, Boise, ID.
  • Phillip Mead, Professor, Dept. of Architecture at the University of Idaho, Moscow, Idaho.
  • Bob Morrow, Judge, Former Mayor, City of Hamilton, Hamilton, ON, CANADA.
  • Brook Muller, Assistant Professor, Architecture Department, University of Oregon, Portland, OR.
  • Norberto F. Nardi, AIA, Professor Emeritus, Department of Architecture, California State Polytechnic University Pomona. Nardi Associates llp, Monrovia, CA.
  • Hajo Neis, Professor & Director, Portland Architecture Program, University of Oregon, Portland, OR.
  • Marialena Nikolopoulou, Ph.D. Lecturer in Environmental Design, Department of Architecture & Civil Engineering, University of Bath, Bath, UK.
  • Jae-Gil Park, Dr. Director, Office of Urban and Regional Planning, Korea Research Institute for Human Settlements, Dongan-Gu, SOUTH KOREA.
  • James Pettinari, Professor, Portland Architecture Program, University of Oregon, Portland, OR.
  • Wolfgang F. E. Preiser Ph.D., Professor of Architecture, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH.
  • Borzou Rahimi, AIA, Construction Specialist, CRA/LA, Los Angeles, CA.
  • Gray Read, Associate Professor, School of Architecture, Florida International University, Miami, FL.
  • John M. Reynolds B ARCH, M ARCH, Associate Professor, Director, Architecture Graduate Studies, Dept. of Architecture and Interior Design, Miami University, Oxford Ohio.
  • Ric Richardson, Professor and Acting Dean, School of Architecture and Planning, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM.
  • Matthew Ridgeway, Principal, Fehr & Peers Associates, San Francisco, CA.
  • Frank Roberts, University Architect/Planner, Facilities Management, The University of Western Australia, WESTERN AUSTRALIA.
  • Michael Robinson, Professor of Architecture and Landscape Architecture, School of Architecture, Auburn University, Auburn, AL.
  • Francesco Rotondo, Professor, Architecture and Urban Planning Department , Polytechnic of Bari, Bari, ITALY.
  • Thomas Sammons, Professor, Director, Community Design Workshop, School of Architecture and Design, College of the Arts, Lafayette, LA.
  • Beverly A. Sandalack, Dr. FCSLA, MCIP, Professor and Coordinator, Urban Design Program, Director, The Urban Lab, Faculty of Environmental Design, University of Calgary, Calgary, AB, CANADA.
  • Greg Saur, Transportation Engineer, Fehr & Peers,  San Francisco, CA.
  • Glenn Scheels, MCIP, RPP, GSP Group Inc., Kitchener, Ontario CANADA.
  • Eiron Schofield, Co-Owner, Living Architecture, Ketchum, ID.
  • Francesco Selicato, Professor, Architecture and Urban Planning Department, Polytechnic of Bari, Bari, ITALY.
  • Erik Sten, Commissioner, City of Portland, OR.
  • Ric Stephens, Principal, Alpha Community Development, Portland, OR.
  • Kay Sullivan, Town Founder of Winthrop, Brandon, FL. Moderator.
  • Sylvia Sutherland, Former Mayor, City of Peterborough, On, CANADA.
  • Francisco Alaniz Uribe MEDes (UD), Research Associate, The Urban Lab Faculty of Environmental Design, University of Calgary, Calgary, AB, CANADA.
  • Genevieve Vachon, Professor of Architecture, Interdisciplinary Research Group on Suburbs, Ecole d’architecture, Université Laval, Quebec City, CANADA.
  • Chris Wilson, J.B. Jackson Professor, School of Architecture and Planning, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM.
  • Meghan Winters, Department of Healthcare and Epidemiology, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, CANADA. and Translink (Greater Vancouver Transportation Authority).
  • Wang Xue, Harbin Industrial College of Technology, College of Architecture, Harbin, P.R. CHINA.
  • Liu Ying, Harbin Industrial College of Technology, College of Architecture, Harbin, P.R. CHINA.
  • Xuemei Zhu, Department of Architecture, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX.


Special Portland Program

Pearl District mixed-useMaking Portland livable for families
Mayor Potter's program for attracting families to live downtown. Integrating diversity and income. Making streets children-friendly. Safe routes to school. Design competition: housing families downtown.

Sustainable Portland
Sustainability issues in Portland. Increasing walking, biking & transit use. New transit systems for Portland. Principles of compact mixed use development. Green building & housing. The new Pearl District. Proposals for an urban river ferry system.

Portland's regional planning strategy
Regional planning politics. Democracy, planning & livability at the regional scale. Integrating land use and transportation planning. Developing compact, human scale mixed-use at transit nodes. Social demography of urban revitalization.

Walking tours
Portland, city of parks & public art. The new mixed-use Pearl District. Historic Waterfront District. Green buildings. Etc.

Special Exhibit


  • Mixed-use in new Greenfield/Brownfield neighborhoods
  • Transit-based new mixed-use development
  • Redesign of suburban malls & strip malls as mixed-use
  • Restored historic mixed-use & new infill designs


  • Livermore Village, CA, Anderson Pacific LLC, Los Angeles, CA
  • Miramar Town Center, City of Miramar, FL
  • The Domain, Austin, TX, JPRA Architects, Farmington Hills, MI
  • Life Hub @ Daning, Shanghai, China, RTKL Architectural Design Consulting Co., Ltd., Shanghai, China
  • Addison Circle, RTKL Associates Inc. Dallas, TX
  • Legacy Town Center, RTKL Associates Inc. Dallas, TX
  • Mockingbird Station, RTKL Associates Inc. Dallas, TX
  • Park Boulevard, Chicago, Skidmore Owings & Merrill LLP, Chicago, IL
  • The Glen, Glenview, IL, Skidmore Owings & Merrill LLP, Chicago, IL
  • Waukegan Lakefront , Skidmore Owings & Merrill LLP, Chicago, IL
  • Treasure Island Master Plan, Skidmore Owings & Merrill LLP, Chicago, IL
  • Innovista Master Plan, Sasaki Associates Inc,
  • West Side Strategic Plan, Design Collective, Inc. Architecture, Planning, Interiors, Baltimore, MD
  • Locust Lofts, The Lawrence Group, St. Louis, MO
  • St. Louis Center, The Lawrence Group, St. Louis, MO
  • Park Avenue Condominiums, The Lawrence Group, St. Louis, MO
  • Bagley Lofts, Weber + Thompson, Seattle WA
  • Center Commons, Otak, Inc., Lake Oswego, OR
  • Santiago Street Lofts, William Hezmalhalch Architects, Inc. Santa Ana, CA.
  • Artisan Lofts On Central, William Hezmalhalch Architects, Inc. Santa Ana, CA.
  • Gateway on 4th, William Hezmalhalch Architects, Inc. Santa Ana, CA.
  • 500 Mercer St, Hewitt Architects, Seattle, WA
  • The La Salle, Hewitt Architects, Seattle, WA
  • The Village at Overlake Station, Hewitt Architects, Seattle, WA


Presentation topics include: (partial list)

  • Northwest District mixed-useFrom commuter suburb to mixed-use neighborhood
    Transforming a suburban shopping center into mixed-use with a public square: Waterloo, ON, Canada. Overcoming resistance to compact development. Creating neighborhood centers around public transit hubs. Transforming suburban malls into neighborhood centers.
  • Regional planning for healthy cities
    Sustainable regional transportation & land-use planning. Promoting regional identity. Integrating land use & public transit. Curbing sprawl. Focusing development in town centers. Achievements in limiting big box retail. Importance of regional identity.
  • Integrating transit and land-use planning
    Make towns - instead of traffic planning & housing development. Transit-oriented development for BART & shopping mall in San Leandro, CA. Addressing transit as part of the development review process. Three approaches for applying environmental justice in transportation planning. Transit-oriented development comes of age. The Harris Ranch development project charrette, Boise, ID.
  • Principles for livable cities
    Urbanism &/or architecture towards a theory of scale and norm. Philosophy of the city - a transition to loop cities. Principles for sustainable and people-centric cities in the 21st century.
  • The urban square and spirit of democracy
    The built environment & civic engagement. Social life, dialogue & political awareness. From agora to marketplace. Reviving town squares.
  • Traditional town planning & civic values
    Hierarchy of building types. Street, square and block. Location & significance of civic buildings. Central places & civic awareness. Respecting local identity. Case studies & exhibits.
  • Community participation in planning
    The impact of Hurricane Rita on Cameron, LA, the public process, and the outcome. Designing a neighborhood vision with Albuquerque's North Valley Improvement Coalition: practice & principles for community based citizen participation. Innovative projects in park design. People & place.
  • Green buildings, green neighborhoods
    Living architecture. Behnisch Architekten. Sustainable land-use planning & urban design - urban/rural interface. Revisiting the community of Civano: the socio-economics of sustainable community development. Green systems for reconstruction in high hazard zones.
  • Nature in the city
    In livable cities is preservation of the wild. Bringing back biodiversity to cities. Managing diversity in a sustainable urban setting: Kronsberg, Hanover, Germany. Long range park & open-space system for Miami-Dade County. The agrarian urbanization. Agriculture for the 21st century & beyond. The ecological city: a historic chapter.
  • Innovative teaching models
    Health & the built environment: teaching the connections. Urban planning for healthy communities. Teaching mixed use urban fabric. Principles of urban sustainability. Teaching community participation.