40th Conference in London

40th International
Making Cities Livable Conference on


With a Special Program and Exhibit on

Celebrating the European Square

Organized with
the University of Notre Dame School of Architecture

Co-sponsors include: the City of London, Royal Institute of British Architects, The Civic Trust,
the University of Venice Department of Urban Planning, & the British Medical Journal.

University of Notre Dame London Centre
London, United Kingdom
June 13-17, 2004

"I passionately believe that the human spirit has a profound need for a sense of belonging and community. That quest for identity, something that is intrinsically of a human scale, is bound intimately to that which we build."

HRH The Prince of Wales

Plenary & Panel Sessions

  • Notre Dame London CentreTraditional town planning & civic values
    Street, square and block; sense of place; human scale, mixed use urban fabric; respecting local identity. Case studies & exhibits.
  • The square as community catalyst
    Designs for successful squares; details that matter; the role of markets and festivals; the history of the square from agora to market place; new & restored squares. Case studies & exhibits.
  • Regional architecture & urban identity
    The DNA of the city; architectural identity of city and neighborhood; new projects. Case studies & exhibits.
  • Successful development models
    Urban village, “village in the city", new urban neighborhoods, new urbanism, traditional downtown models. Case studies & exhibits.
  • Balancing transportation modes
    Emphasizing pedestrian, bicycle and public transportation; transportation planning to promote sociability & access. New techniques.
  • The “city of short distances"
    Land use planning for the cellular city; urban fabric for walkability. Case studies & exhibits.
  • Community architecture & design
    "Methods for empowering the users; from buildings to neighborhoods; role of the university. Case studies & exhibits.
  • Classical & modern architecture
    Timeless & contemporary values; appropriate uses; contextual issues. Case studies & exhibits.
  • Innovative mixed use projects
    Achieving mixed use; reviving traditional urban fabric; accommodating affordable housing & small businesses. Case studies & exhibits.
  • How the city shapes identity
    City form & identity; heritage & sense of belonging; involvement in community events; building identity.
  • Designing cities for the well-being of children
    Urban design that facilitates social development, cooperation, self esteem, curiosity & autonomy; what children learn from the city. Evaluating new neighborhoods and towns for healthy development of children & youth.
  • Ecological & social sustainability
    Defining social sustainability; compatibility among social and ecological goals.
  • Strategies for combating urban sprawl
    Regional planning tools; role of transportation priorities. Successful case studies.
  • Teaching the livable city
    Teaching the city in an age of sprawl; value of direct experience; studio courses: designing urban fabric & squares; innovative curricula.

Special Workshops

  • Celebrating the European square (with the City of London & European Mayors)
    Maintaining the square's historic role; the threatened European square (loss of civic-functions, overspecialization). World Squares Exhibit.
  • The built environment & the healthy city (with the British Medical Journal)
    Influence of the built environment on physical, social and mental health.