36th Conference in Santa Fe

36th International Conference on


Co-Sponsored by St. Augustine Department of Historic Preservation and Heritage Tourism

Santa Fe, NM
April 13-17, 2003

Plenary & Panel Sessions

  • Strengthening Community through Planning & Urban Design
    Reweaving the physical & social fabric. Creating places for community.
  • New Urban Neighborhoods
    Mixed use urban texture in new greenfield & brownfield developments. Cellular structure with boundary and heart. Building on the city's DNA. Creating neighborhoods (urban villages) within the city.
  • Visions & Models for the Design of Cities
    Past models of city-making & visions for the city of tomorrow. Modernist, internationalist vs. regional & community models.
  • Curbing Sprawl
    The anonymous landscape: a matter of national security? Individual rights vs. common good. The problems of creating an urban growth boundary.
  • Urban Restoration: Social & Physical Aspects
    Approaches to restoring the built environment. Importance of maintaining cultural identity.
  • Rediscovery of Public Space *
    New urban spaces, design principles. Urban places as catalysts for increasing social capital. Case studies of new & restored squares.
  • Balanced Transportation Planning *
    Balancing transportation modes. Integrated transportation systems. Strategies for increasing walking, bicycling, and use of public transportation.
  • Heritage Tourism
    Learning from the past. Honoring historic legacy.
  • Community Participation in Urban Design
    Mechanisms of community participation in planning & design review; increasing civic engagement & social capital
  • Public Art & Memorials
    Social functions and responsibilities of public art; public art & community identity; a review of recent public art in European cities.
  • Planning Cities for Youth & the Elderly
    Features of planning & architecture that affect youth & the elderly.
  • Urban Fabric *
    Mixed use infill; continuous fabric; human scale; shop/house; cellular neighborhood structure
  • Enlivening the City *
    Community festivals; traditional & new celebrations; street entertainers; farmers' markets
  • Teaching the Livable City
    Curricula for teaching the "livable" city; Community Role of the Professional; Involving Children & Youth in Planning


Monday, April 15

  • Registration and walking tours
  • Walking Tours
  • Welcome Reception

Tuesday, April 16

  • Welcome & Introduction
  • The Livable City: Learning from the Best Examples
  • The Livable City: Principles & Values
  • Places for People
  • Essential Ingredients for Successful PublicPlaces
  • New Models for Preventing Sprawl
  • Shaping Sustainable Cities
  • Heritage Tourism: St. Augustine

Wednesday, April 17

  • Architectural Identity, Urbanity & Social Sustainability
  • Mixed Use & Affordable Housing
  • Enhancing Community Involvement
  • Community Participation in City Revitalization
  • Urban Restoration: Physical & Social Aspects

Thursday, April 18

  • Balanced Transportation Planning & Traffic Calming
  • Making Cities Livable for Children & the Elderly
  • Controlling Growth, Guiding Growth
  • Discussion: Components of Successful Urban Neighborhoods
  • Enlivening the City: Festivals & Public Art
  • City Case Studies

Friday, April 19

  • Paper Sessions

Note: This program lists main sessions only. There are also a number of concurrent paper sessions on these and other topics.