34th Conference in Alpbach & Salzburg

34th International Making Cities Livable Conference on


Alpbach & Salzburg, AUSTRIA
September 15 - 20, 2002

The Salzburg program is focused primarily on the Multifunctional European Square. During the last 20 years the main square has played an increasingly important role in reviving the heart of European cities, yet problems arise when an unbalanced pattern of use occurs. What are the preferred solutions? What effect does development at the city's periphery have on the healthy functioning of the square? If the multifunctional square is such an important catalyst for community-building and civic engagement, should new urban developments (not only in Europe) be designed around a multi-functional urban square? These are some of the questions to be addressed at this Seminar.

Sessions will be held in the historic "Marmor Saal" (Marble Hall) in Schloss Mirabell in Salzburg. Participants will be greeted by Buergermeister (Mayor) Dr. Heinz Schaden on Wednesday, September 18th.


On behalf of the City of Salzburg I would like to extend a warm welcome to participants of the 34th International Making Cities Livable Conference on The European Square. As Mayor of our beautiful city I am especially pleased that this important conference will take place in Salzburg.

Salzburg has always treasures its historic heritage. Of particular significance are its medieval and baroque squares, and the special invitation they extend for human sociability, for increasing understanding among generations, and among residents and visitors from many parts of the world, providing an ideal setting for increasing the well-being of all.

This conference will offer the opportunity to share ideas and experiences tat have proved successful in diverse cities, and to learn together how to further improve the quality and function of this important feature of European cities, the multifunctional urban square.

I look forward to greeting you personally in Salzburg on September 18, 2002.

Dr. Heinz Schaden
Mayor of Salzburg

Plenary & Panel Sessions


Special Exhibits


Topics of Panel Sessions

  • The square as a market place: past & current functions
  • The square as a tourist attraction: balancing tourist's & residents' interests
  • Principles of design of squares
  • Restoring & reviving the square:case studies
  • The square as a setting of significant community events, festivals & celebrations
  • The square as a catalyst for community engagement
  • New architecture appropriate to the square
  • Artistic & aesthetic qualities of individual squares

Alpbach & Salzburg

Conference sessions will be held in Alpbach, September 15 - 17, and in nearby Salzburg, September 18 - 19. Alpbach, one of Austria's most beautiful villages, with its traditional architectural identity intact, since 1947 has been the seat of the European Forum, a renowned center for dialogue and policy making, after which other "think tanks" have been modeled.

Salzburg, known as one of the world's most beautiful cities, still exhibits an intact urban fabric, and "Stadtbild", with a historic center around five pedestrian squares, a daily farmers market and a rich tradition of cultural events.