30th Conference in Venice

30th International Conference on


Venice, ITALY
July 1-5, 2001

Plenary and Panel Sessions

Perspectives on Venice

  • City Making in Harmony with Nature
  • Mixed Use & the City of Short Distances
  • Social Patterns
  • Public Places for Community Life

The Good City for Children

  • The Forgotten Child
  • The Outside World as a Learning Environment
  • Meaning in the Urban Environment

Case Studies

  • Jerusalem, the Old City: How it Works
  • Cultural Assessment Cyprus, the Island of Aphrodite
  • People, Knowledge, Innovation. Bilbao’s New Strategy
  • Making Bogota Livable
  • Spatial Development Framework for the City of Cape Town
  • The Boulevards of Tel Aviv

Case Studies: Australia & New Zealand

  • Diverse Strategies for Sustainable Urban Form in New Zealand
  • Urban Renaissance in Melbourne – Social & Physical Aspects
  • Melbourne, Australia. "Yarro River Corridor Integrated Precinct Plan"
  • Livable Communities – a National Agenda for Australia

Urban Waterfronts

  • The Urban Waterfront as an Element of a Touristic Network
  • The Pickering Millennium Waterfront

Architecture, Design & the City

  • Inverting the Model
  • Reading the City
  • Urban Space: Real & Imaged

The City of the Third Millennium

Accessibility in the Livable City

  • A Method to Create a Footpath & Cycleway Network
  • Greenway Transit
  • Network as a New City Planning Instrument
  • Urban Settlements of the Future

Planning for Regional Identity

Suburban & Urban Villages in the US

The Woman as Creator (Die Frau als Schöpferin?)

Residential Urban Structures

  • Urban Restructuring in Santo André, São Paulo, Brazil
  • Participatory Design for Mass Housing
  • Utilizing Open Building Concepts
  • The Structure & Patterns of a Cellular Neighborhood

Sustainability Issues in China

  • Ecological Community Planning in Le Qing Municipality
  • The Rapid Expansion & Sustainability of Towns in the Suburb of Shenzhen
  • Beyond Drinking: Water in the Metropolis

Housing & Family Structure Changes in China

  • Investigation of Courtyard House Transformation in Xi’an
  • Changes Family Structure & Community
  • Space in Developing Cities of China

Reflections of Venice

  • The Invisible Cities of Venice / Student project
  • "Visible & Invisible Cities". Eleven Questions

Paper Sessions

  • The History of Small
  • Examination of Historical Buildings in Trabzon, Turkey


Special Events

  • Welcome Reception by City of Venice at Ca’Farsetti
  • Walking Tours through Venice
  • Conference Dinner at Locanda Montin
  • Discussion Workshop at Café Florian in Piazza San Marco
  • An Evening in a Venetian Neighborhood