27th Conference in Vienna

27th International Making Cities Livable Conference on


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Piazza, Plaza, Platz: Great Urban Public Places

Vienna Rathaus
July 4 - 8, 2000

Dr. Grete Laska and Dr. Bernhard GörgAs Mayors of the City of Vienna we are especially proud that our beautiful city has been chosen as venue for the 27th International Making Cities Livable Conference, and we extend a warm welcome to all participants.

A major theme of the Vienna Conference is the situation of children and young people in cities, a topic that means a great deal to u, and to which we will pay even more attention in the coming years.

Children need a suitable environment in order to further their social and emotional development and self esteem. Therefore, it is our task to assure that urban places where children can develop their creative abilities are provided.

A city must bring people together in order to foster the mutual understanding of its different generations, and in order to resolve social and cultural conflicts, rather than foster fear and mistrust. We have a good chance to move towards this objective by bringing children and young people together with other inhabitants of the city.

This conference will provide answers to many questions concerning urban planning, urban development, and youth politics, seen from international perspectives. We are certain that Vienna will receive inspiration from the exchange of ideas at the conference. Once again, we are very glad to welcome you in Vienna!

Dr. Grete Laska, Mayor for Youth and Social Issues, City of Vienna
Dr. Bernhard Görg, Mayor for Planning and Future, City of Vienna

Plenary and Panel Sessions


Special Events

  • Welcoming Reception by City of Vienna - Vienna Rathaus, Wappensaal
  • Get together at a Grinzing Heuriger
  • Conference Lunch
  • Tour of the new ‘Museumsquartier’, beginning at the Rathaus, and ending at Spittelberg