26th Conference in Charleston

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Making Cities Livable

Piazza, Plaza, Platz: the Square as a Work of Art

Charleston, South Carolina
February 13-17, 2000

Mayor Joseph P. Riley, Jr.I am very proud that the 26th International Making Cities Livable Conference will be taking place in this beautiful city of Charleston.

As we stand on the threshold of a new century it is appropriate that we take this opportunity to reexamine just where our urban policies and practices are taking us.

What urban design and planning policies should we adopt to make our regions more ecologically sustainable and our cities more socially sustainable? How can we restore the social capital that exists in a well-functioning community? The future of our cities depends on our investment in our children and youth. How, then, can we increase their well-being and optimal development in the city?

We shall be asking ourselves searching questions at the forthcoming IMCL Conference. But, as always at these Conferences, we shall exchange ideas among an exciting, stimulating intenational gathering of people with different backgrounds and experiences, eager to learn and eager to share.

And we shall work and meet in the many beautiful settings throughout this historic city, in plenary sessions and discussion dinners, at workshops and receptions, at panel sessions and luncheons. The spirit of conviviality that characterizes these conferences will be heightened by the beauty and patina of our historic settings, and by the charm and livability so characteristic of our city.

I look forward to meeting you in Charleston next February.

Mayor Joseph P. Riley, Jr.
City of Charleston

Plenary and Panel Sessions


Special Events

  • Welcome Reception, Gibbes Museum of Art
  • The Square as a Work of Art (film)
  • Luncheon honoring Award Recipients
  • Historic Charleston Mansions Tour
  • Discussion Dinner
  • Farewell Luncheon