19th Conference in Charleston

19th International Making Cities Livable Conference on


Dock Street Theater
Charleston, SC
March 9-13, 1997

Mayor Joseph P. Riley, Jr.I am very pleased to welcome participants to Charleston for the 19th IMCL Conference on “CHILDREN AND YOUTH IN THE CITY” to be held March 9-13, 1997.

Assembled here in Charleston will be political leaders, architects, planners, educators, health professionals and many others knowledgeable and passionate about the fate of children in our cities.

We will pay special attention to the impact of architecture, urban design and planning policies. If our cities are to survive, we need to understand all of the factors affecting the lives of young people.

Urban decision makers, public officials and professionals, as well as community members – indeed, all of us – bear responsibility for making our urban and suburban areas better for our children.

I have committed myself to give children and youth the highest priority in my current administration. For all those involved in urban policy and city making there is no task more important. And if our cities are accessible, friendly and stimulating for children, then they will be livable for all.

Joseph P. Riley, Jr.
Mayor, City of Charleston